The SAAAC Autism Centre encourages lifelong
development of the children, youth, and
adults we serve through diverse therapies
and programs.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Supporting students in the development of skills and behaviours needed to integrate them into home, school and community life.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is one of the most effective treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). At the SAAAC Autism Centre, we deliver an evidencebased treatment that ensures our students are being prepared for life beyond the treatment room. Our 1-to-1 and group sessions will focus on teaching a variety of skills including but not limited to functional living skills such as communication, dressing and grooming that help promote personal independence. We target development in the areas of social skills and motor skills. In addition, we focus on developing play/leisure skills as well as academics. We work in collaboration with families to develop individualized, comprehensive treatment plans tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Our ABA program adheres to the strict staffing requirements outlined in the Ontario Autism Program, and is led by qualified therapists who adhere to the industry standards outlined by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Open Therapy Please call for details 2-18

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Speech-Language Therapy

Our team of experienced Speech-Language Pathologists
work to develop effective treatment plans to help families
reach their communication goals.

Our SLPs treat a variety of speech difficulties including voice and fluency disorders and motor speech disorders, while encouraging skill development in the areas of non-verbal communication, expressive and receptive language, and social communication skills.

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Open Clinical Services Please call for details 2.5+

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Occupational Therapy (OT)

The OT program offers comprehensive assessment, treatment and consultation to meet the individual needs and goals of the client and family.

Goals might include the following:

  • Sensory Concerns (Sensitivity to loud noises, picky eater, toe walking)
  • Gross Motor Skills (Kicking or throwing a ball, balance, coordination)
  • Fine Motor Skills (Handwriting, using cutlery)
  • Social Skills (Play, turn taking)
  • Self-care Skills (Toileting, dressing, eating)
  • Managing Emotions
  • School Readiness

Strategies and recommendations can be given for adolescents and adult clients.

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Open Clinical Services Please call for details 2 months – 12 years

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SAAAC Creative Visual Arts

The SAAAC Creative Arts Program is a visual arts initiative that aims to inspire creativity, enhance cognitive abilities and promote social inclusion for individuals with autism.

Through artistic exploration and skill development, our artists will work towards creating vibrant works of art, raising awareness and beautifying our communities. The program’s objectives include the following:

  • Promote public awareness of the creative capacity and
    potential of individuals with autism
  • Enhance participants’ sense of social inclusion through professional skills development and artistic recognition
  • Increase employability by providing participants with
    opportunities to work on creative projects and through
    the sale of artwork
  • Integrate applied behavior analysis (ABA) strategies
    within a creative curriculum to engage and foster client
Schedule Category Fee Ages
Wed Arts $20/session 7+

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Just Dance Program

The Just Dance program is an adapted dance program designed to make dance fun and accessible to children and youth with autism.

Dance carries with it the unique qualities of being nonverbal, creative, and emotionally appealing. Such qualities can be used as viable teaching instruments to facilitate social interaction, self-expression, and communication.

The Just Dance program helps students increase physical activity through song and dance; creates an environment for meaningful social interaction between students; and allows our dancers to creatively express themselves. The program also aims to improve gross motor skills, increase the use of facial expressions, and develop strength and coordination.

Dancers are given the opportunity to showcase their skills through a variety of public performances held throughout the year.

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Saturday Arts $20/session 7+
9am or 10am

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Functional Fitness & Movement Skills

The Ready to Play Fitness program teaches functional movement skills, which our athletes can generalize into their daily lives and use for a lifetime.

The Functional Fitness & Movement Skills program is an adapted fitness program that is fun and dynamic that develops fundamental movement skills in children and youth with autism. The program is built around improving fundamental strength, stability, locomotive, and motor planning skills. By working on these areas, our athletes will build strength, stability and coordination, with the goal of performing more complex movements over time.

Through well designed physical activities and games, our athletes will develop lifelong movement skills.

Schedule Category Fee Ages
1hr – Monday Recreation $80/12 weeks 5+
5:30 or 6:30p

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Living ’N’ Learning Adult Day Program

The Living’N’Learning program supports young adults living with autism by helping them to learn new and meaningful skills that encourage independent living.

Through an engaging curriculum and supportive instructors, our program encourages students to create greater connections to the people and community around them.

The Living’N’Learning program places an emphasis on the following domains of learning:

  • Independent Living
  • Job Readiness
  • Recreational and Physical Activity
  • Community Integration
  • Core Academics

The Living’N’Learning program provides students with fun, challenging, and meaningful daily activities with the goal of preparing them for life outside the classroom.

Program Requirements:

  • Minimal Behaviours
  • Can tolerate sitting (minimum of 20 mins)
  • Can use the washroom independently
  • Can work in a 1:3 ratio (one support worker to three clients)
Schedule Category Fee Ages
Mon-Fri Adult Support $70/day Post highschool,21+
9am – 3pm $350/week

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Mobile Developmental Outreach Clinic (M-DOC)

The M-DOC helps improve practices that could lead to earlier autism identification and intervention services for under-served communities.

The M-DOC team helps families address questions regarding their child’s development, and provides a well-defined pathway to access greater support if developmental concerns are identified. The M-DOC is designed to help families act early and to help their children receive important support services, which can lead to significantly better developmental outcomes.

The mobile aspect of our clinic allows our team to deliver community-based, point of care service to vulnerable populations by meeting families where they are.

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Open Diagnosis Support Free 18 months - 4 years

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The CARES program is a family support program that empowers caregivers to overcome the challenges posed by an autism diagnosis.

CARES is a family support program aimed at increasing caregiver capacity to support the development of children with autism. The program is delivered through a combination of support group discussions, expert led workshops, and social leisure activities. Caregivers are also offered structured respite support for their children during all sessions.

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Open Caregiver Support Free open to all caregivers

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Camp’n at SAAAC

SAAAC Camp is designed for fun, laughter, and victories (big and small!). Our staff and volunteers are ready to help children and youth with autism have a meaningful and engaging camp experience through play-based learning.

At SAAAC Camps, learning and fun go hand in hand. That is why all our activities at camp- from arts & crafts to a day at the park – are Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) embedded, which means we are constantly teaching valuable skills through play.

Our Camp Staff are certified and trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). They have years of experience working with individuals with autism and are committed to creating a fun, safe, and educational environment for children and youth to enjoy and grow.

*†1-to-1 Support

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Mar, Jul, Aug Recreation $350/week* 6+
9am – 3pm $450/week*†

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Foundation for Success

Every child is unique and constantly learning. They can become resilient, capable, confident and curious.

The Foundation for Success Program will help young children learn in a supportive and therapeutic learning environment based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).Our programming is enhanced with the involvement of a multidisciplinary team including a Speech-Language Therapist, Occupation Therapist Assistants, and Instructor Therapists.

The Foundation for Success Program will help children prepare for the following:

  • coping with sensory challenges (visual or auditory stimuli,
    smells, proximity to others, clothing, etc.)
  • using acceptable communication skills
  • building social skills to help them be part of a group
  • developing motor skills
  • developing self-care skills
  • observing and/or participating in experiences and activities
    to build conceptual and academic learning
Schedule Category Fee Ages
Mon-Fri Early Years Part-time: $7,500 2-4
Half Day: 9am - 12 pm or 1pm -4pm Full-time: $ 15,000
Full Day: 9am - 4pm,

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Case Management

The focus of the Centre’s Case Management services is to improve children and family well being.


Our Case Management service helps families develop strategies to improve children and family well being. We connect families with various resources within the community and help them access funding support from private and government sources. All families registered with the SAAAC Autism Centre benefit from access to Case Management support.

Open – Caregiver Support – Free – Open

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Opern Caregiver Support Free open to all caregivers

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Everyday ABA – Practical Strategies for Caregivers

Your child’s most important teacher is you

The Everyday ABA program will give you the skills, tools and confidence to help your child on the Autism Spectrum Our program is created and facilitated by experienced therapists and caregivers who share a common goal: to help you and your child thrive.  Through discussion, online presentations, demonstrations, interactive activities, and hands-on practice we provide you with the practical tools and resources to help your child excel at home and in the community.   


Topics Covered  

  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder  
  • Reinforcement and Prompting  
  • Pairing and Instructional Control  
  • Challenging behaviours   
  • Visual Supports  
Schedule Category Fee Ages
Fridays 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Caregiver Support $1100 Adults (with children 3+)

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Urgent Response Services

Rapid and personalized care to support children with autism to keep themselves from harm as well as their loved ones.

This service is provided through the Toronto Autism Services Network.

You can register directly with them here: Urgent Response Services

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Register with Toronto Autism Services Network Ministry Funded 2-18

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Entry to School

The Entry to School skill-building and transition planning supports help prepare children who are entering school for the first time.

This service is provided through the Toronto Autism Services Network.

You can register directly with them here: Entry To School Program

Schedule Category Fee Ages
Register with Toronto Autism Services Network Ministry Funded 3-6, starting kindergarten or grade 1 for the first time

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