The SAAAC Autism Centre has a number of high-impact progects that require additional support and resources beyond SAAAC’s day-to-day operations. Our organization takes great pride in our involvement with these projects and is committed to continuing our efforts to effect positive change within the communities we serve.

Goodness Gift logo overlaid on top of gift box full of food and gift items

Goodness Gift

The Goodness Gift is an employment social enterprise established by SAAAC in 2019 to provide job training and paid work opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum and related developmental conditions. The enterprise is a premium gifting solution. Our products include themed gift boxes and unique art-based products created by individuals on the autism spectrum.

The CARES logo overlaid on a young person working at a table


SAAAC CARES is a group-based counselling intervention designed to target the social, emotional, and psychological challenges that can arise among caregivers of children with ASD. The program helps caregivers care for themselves because the more they show up for themselves, the more they can show their loved ones the way.


SAAAC Lab Incubator is a mission-based incubator geared towards encouraging service innovation within Ontario’s developmental services sector. We support individuals and organizations by facilitating mentorship, knowledge exchange, business development training and access to networks of other services providers and professionals solving the same problems.