If you are a business looking to diversify your workforce or create more robust inclusive working environments, the SAAAC Team is eager to work with you. We believe individuals on the autism spectrum are an untapped labour source who can strengthen organizations. Let’s work together to help build your inclusive workforce.

Work with Us

We are here to support businesses looking to build and/or improve their inclusive hiring practices. Here is how we can be of service to you:



Assists employers with placing candidates in positions that align with their skills and



Provide necessary supports such as job coaches, on-the-job accommodations and
workplace modifications.



Training for managers and staff on best practices for working with employees on the
autism spectrum.



Support with addressing on-the-job employment issues that may arise with
employees through job coaching and retention services.

Impact Stories

We are proud to share some of our success stories, highlighting how we have collaborated with local businesses to identify and fulfill their staffing and skills requirements. Through our concerted efforts, we have been able to connect these businesses with a talented pool of individuals on the autism spectrum, who bring their passion and unique abilities to the table.

Goodness Gift graduate works on Vanilla En Glaze's kitch in preparing baked goods
Vanilla Ën Glaze
Wholesale Bakery & Catering
SAAAC Autism Centre student works at saravana bhavan restaurant
Saravanaa Bhavan
Food Services
Goodness Gift associate working
Goodness Gift
Gifting Industry

Job Types

Our organization has extensive experience in providing training to individuals on the autism spectrum, preparing them for success in a diverse range of industries. We take pride in offering our students comprehensive training in various fields, including but not limited to the following industries:

Fulfillment Logistics

Experience with product storage, inventory, and shipment to ensure timely order fulfilment.

Data Entry

Data Entry

Students are trained on the inputting of data into electronic systems or databases for processing.



Students excelled at routine and detail-oriented work, ensuring high-quality production.

Food Services

Food Services

Students have experience in preparation of food and beverages for consumption by customers.

Past Employment Partners

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