Mobile Developmental Outreach Clinic (M-DOC)

As a parent/caregiver, we understand that you may have concerns regarding your child's developmental milestones. Our M-DOC is dedicated to addressing your questions and connecting you with the relevant resources to ensure that your child receives the care and support they need.

Through the M-DOC program, we are committed to supporting families in their journey of addressing questions and concerns related to their child’s development. Our team provides a clear and structured approach to accessing additional resources and support, should developmental issues be identified. Our goal is to empower families to take early action and ensure that their children receive the vital support services necessary for optimal developmental outcomes.

Program Details:

  • In-Person 
  • Friday 9:00AM -11:00AM


  • If you have concerns about your child’s development, please connect with us.

Understanding Our Clinic’s Journey

  1. Initial Contact: Begin by sharing your concerns about your child’s development with us.
  2. Developmental Screening: Our medical team conducts a thorough developmental screening for your child. Should any concerns arise, we will facilitate a connection with a developmental specialist.
  3. Case Management Assistance: A dedicated case manager provides seamless access to community resources, offering support while you await specialist consultations.
  4. Free Caregiver Skills Training: As you wait for specialist consultations, you have the option of accessing evidence based training to enhance your child’s communication, social, and self-help skills through everyday play and home activities.
  5. Support After Diagnosis: In the event of an autism diagnosis, rest assured we are here to assist both your child and you in accessing crucial post-diagnosis services.

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