Visual Arts – Adult Foundations Program

The Adult Foundations Art program is tailored for those beginning their journey in painting and art creation.

Our program offers a clear, step-by-step guide to the painting process, specially adapted for our learners. Participants will master color mixing, brush techniques, blending, and layering to produce vivid artworks.

Program Details:

  • Wednesdays– 5:30pm- 7:00pm
  • In-person – Ages 14 +
  • Group session (10 participants per session max)
  • 10-weeks (1 session/week)
  • 90 mins a session


  • Individuals must have an ASD diagnosis.
  • Students must complete a program assessment and must meet its requirements.


Emerging artists and experienced volunteers lead our program, focusing on nurturing talent in individuals with complex needs. Their collaborative expertise in arts education fosters a rich environment for creative expression and growth, ensuring an impactful and supportive experience for all participants.

What to Expect:  

  • Skill Development in Visual Arts: Gain proficiency in brush control, color blending, creating compositions, applying layers, and techniques of paint application.
  • Focused Learning: Receive detailed instructions and processes designed to improve focus and concentration.
  • Creation of Original Artwork: Each student will have the opportunity to create their own unique and original pieces of art.
  • Independence in Art: Learn and practice the essentials of independent art-making, including setup, initiation, and cleanup procedures.
  • Social and Creative Enhancement: Participate in art activities aimed at boosting sociability, communication skills, and creative problem-solving abilities.
  • Supportive and Enjoyable Environment: Experience a fun and engaging atmosphere that nurtures self-expression and artistic freedom.

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