Living’N’Learning Adult Day Program

The Living'N'Learning program supports young adults living with autism by helping them learn new and meaningful skills that encourage independent living.

Through an engaging curriculum and supportive instructors, our program encourages students to create greater connections to the people and community around them. The Living’N’Learning program provides students with fun, challenging, and meaningful daily activities with the goal of preparing them for life outside the classroom.

Program Details:

  • In-person
  • Group program (10 -12 participants)
  • Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 3 PM


  • Has completed high school (21+ years old)
  • Can tolerate sitting (minimum of 20 mins)
  • Can use the washroom independently
  • Can work in a 1:3 ratio (one support worker to three clients)

What to Expect: 

The Living’N’Learning program has three streams of learning:

Daily Living Skills:
This stream is all about teaching the basics of everyday life. It is designed for individuals who need extra support in learning to carryout daily living tasks. Participants will work on skills like cooking, cleaning, and time management. They’ll also get to practice these skills in social settings, like group activities. We provide personalized support to help each participant grow at their own pace. This way, they can build on what they’re already good at and improve in areas where they need help.

The Wellness stream focuses on helping participants become more independent in managing their daily activities. Students will focus on activities that teach basic living skills, home skills and independent living skills. As students get better at these skills, we gradually reduce the amount of help we give, allowing them to become more self-sufficient.

This stream prepares participants for the job market. We offer workshops, role-playing exercises in mock work settings, and even real job placements through our partnership with Goodness Gift social enterprise. We also coach students to fine-tune career goals and job search strategies.

The Living’N’Learning team conducts an initial assessment to determine the most suitable stream for your loved one.

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