SAAAC uses a culturally sensitive approach to supporting families with ASD by offering services and raising awareness.

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  • November

    Strumming to the Rescue

    By: saaac-master

    Profiling SAAAC’s newest addition to the family, music therapist Michelle Eisen It’s a musician! It’s a teacher! It’s our friendly neighborhood musical therapist: Michelle Eisen. With the help of our volunteers, Michelle gracefully conducts musical therapy sessions on Monday evenings for many of our SAAAC children and youth.  To them, and to us, she is Read More…

  • November

    Home Sweet Home

    By: saaac-master

    For the past three years, SAAAC operated out of the basement of Canada Sri Ayyappan Temple: a large, wide open space where three times a week children, youth, families, health professionals and volunteers congregated. For any new comer, the space, filled with its various activities, people and clamoring voices, could be jarring.  But, for those Read More…

  • October

    The Changing Definition of ASD

    By: saaac-master

    The hot topic in autism right now is the changing description of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  But why is the world caught up on redefining ASD?  Defining something helps us to better understand that term more accurately. DSM V: the new definition In 2013, Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) will be re-categorized from a set of Read More…

  • October

    SAAAC Hiring Behaviour Therapists

    By: saaac-master

    The South Asian Autism Awareness center is currently hiring Behaviour Therapists. As a young and vibrant volunteer based organization we are looking for individuals who are passionate and educated in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis. As Behaviour Therapist you will; Work in a one to one ratio implementing the principles of A.B.A. Focus on Read More…

  • September

    October is Autism Awareness Month!

    By: saaac-master

    Guess what folks?  The glorious month of October is here!  Previous claims to fame for this month included Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween, but now Autism Awareness can join the party as October is the official Autism Awareness month in Canada!   I bet you’re wondering how Autism Awareness month affects you?  To be honest, it Read More…

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