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This painting is done by Phavizan from SAAAC. This is a vivid and expressive painting featuring a landscape at night. The sky is a deep blue, transitioning to black at the top, with a textured golden moon hanging low. Below, the horizon is ablaze with fiery colors—reds, oranges, and yellows—suggestive of trees or bushes in an autumnal or perhaps even ablaze state. In the foreground, there's a body of water reflecting these vibrant colors, with streaks of yellow, white, pink, and a hint of green, indicating ripples or currents on the water's surface. The brushwork is loose and dynamic, adding a sense of movement and wildness to the scene. Read More
This is a painting by Akilan. The painting appears to be a vibrant and colorful abstract piece. It features bold, interlocking shapes and contrasting colors that create a fragmented, face-like structure. Dominant hues of yellow, red, and blue are accented with touches of green and black lines. The composition suggests a cubist influence, with geometric forms that might represent facial features—such as an eye, lips, and possibly a nose—though these elements are highly stylized and abstracted. The background is divided into blocks of color, giving the impression of a patchwork. Read More
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