SAAAC uses a culturally sensitive approach to supporting families with ASD by offering services and raising awareness.

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  • June

    Rent-A-Tab: Making Great Technology Accessible

    By: saaac-master

    Written By: Darsan Sadacharam Across the country technology has gradually found its way into classrooms. The shift away from traditional teaching methods allows learning to be more interactive and engaging. Recently, tablet computers have been used when working with children with ASD to aid in their development. Research has suggested that technological gadgets, such as tablets, Read More…

  • April

    Conquering Mont Blanc For Kids with Autism

    By: saaac-master

    Written By: Saran Siva Last month I attended Radiant Night 2013, an annual fundraiser organized by South Asian Autism Awareness Centre (SAAAC), an organization that helps more than 100 kids with autism and their families.   Autism is a mental condition characterized by greater difficulty in communicating and forming relationships; it persists throughout an individual’s lifetime.   Read More…

  • March

    A Thank You Note and Raffle Winners

    By: saaac-master

    To Our Wonderful Community, On behalf of the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre (SAAAC), I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude for your support and participation in Radiant Night Gala 2013. This year’s event attracted over 1200 guests and raised nearly $200,000 – our largest fundraising accomplishment to date. We could not have reached such remarkable Read More…

  • January

    Radiant Night 2013: Celebrating Community

    By: saaac-master

    There are few things in life as fun and fulfilling as celebrating with friends and family. To be surrounded by stories familiar and foreign, to dance, to suspend the stresses of daily life for a moment to take solace in good company is rare. Radiant Night, since its inception, has always strived to achieve the Read More…

  • December

    You Auta’ Know

    By: saaac-master

    Knowledge is power. When we have the right information, we are more aware, more informed, and better equipped to create meaningful change. Autism is a complex disorder to understand- those who live with it are widely diverse, varying in their capabilities and challenges. By knowing more about the disorder, the people who live with it, Read More…

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