Tie the Thali: Tying the Community to SAAAC

Tie the Thali is an encyclopedia of the Tamil wedding industry. This brand, developed by two sisters, has captured the interests of Tamils across the world with their platform of amazing wedding highlights and individual spotlights. Labelled as a one-stop shop for vendors and industry experts, and of course, those who are planning their big day themselves, Tie the Thali is your go-to for inspiration! To learn more about this amazing initiative visit www.tiethethali.com or their Instagram page @tiethethali .


§  What attracted you to SAAAC Autism Centre/Walk-A-Thon and promoting us on your popular wedding orientated feed?

SAAAC is an organization which we followed away from Tie The Thali and before starting our brand. We have family members on the spectrum and seeing how an organization in Canada has come together in support of Autistic peers and the South Asian community really resonated with us. We wanted to bring awareness of Autism on our feed to help break stigmas or barriers that people may have as well. Growing up in an area where the Tamil community is small, there were not a lot of resources to support our community when it came to Autism Spectrum Disorder. The understanding and awareness for Autism is very minimal to begin with (especially in Asian communities) so when we heard of SAAAC and that it specifically catered to the South Asian Community, we knew we had to get on board with spreading the word. 

§  What was your first impression of this organization and how did you learn about SAAAC Autism Centre? 

We learned about SAAAC through social media. Our first impression was wow and it made us proud to be Tamil! The fact that this organization not only exists but is working to break down the stereotypes and stigmas surrounded by Autism is truly amazing. The amount of support and resources this organization puts together deserves recognition.

§  Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement with SAAAC Autism Centre? 

Two of our nephews, and some of our industry friends’ childrens are the reason we looked to support SAAAC Autism Centre through our platform and brand. 

§  Do you have an anecdote or story that you’ve witnessed or heard about SAAAC Autism Centre that really moved you?

A nephew of ours had delays speaking and started to show early signs of possibly being on the spectrum. Witnessing the family resort to all kinds of old wives tale “remedies” or “treatments” to try and get him to speak was really eye opening to the lack of awareness on Autism. There was a lot of “oh it’s because we didn’t do this or he’s not speaking because he’s an only child” type excuses that were tossed around instead of possibly looking into getting a diagnosis and early intervention. Having experienced this, every story we come across on SAAAC has moved us because it shows what having a resource like SAAAC can do for the community. 

§  What do you wish other people knew about SAAAC Autism Centre and its programs for students and families? 

  It may not be a known thing, but getting an assessment and the resources is not easy and takes time in many jurisdictions. Coming to terms with a diagnosis can be emotional, but understanding that getting the individual the right resources and support they need to thrive is the best thing. We applaud SAAAC for all their initiatives and assistance for students and families. 

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