SAAAC, in partnership with the Children’s Treatment Network (CTN), proudly presents an inclusive and comprehensive digital toolkit titled ‘Towards Cultural Competence: Supporting Diagnosticians in Communicating with Cantonese-, Mandarin-, and Tagalog-Speaking Caregivers‘.

Developed in collaboration with esteemed community agencies, this toolkit serves as a valuable resource for healthcare professionals across Ontario. Its primary objective is to empower diagnosticians with essential tips, tools, and strategies to foster cultural competence when diagnosing autism, while ensuring that the voices of families are at the forefront of the diagnostic process.

We believe that embracing cultural competence in diagnostic practices leads to more meaningful interactions, accurate assessments, and improved outcomes for individuals and families. This toolkit strives to enhance the understanding and collaboration between diagnosticians and caregivers from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and equitable autism diagnostic process in Ontario.

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Image of the cover of the Towards Cultural Competence toolkit
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