Living’N’Learning Day Program

volunteer working with teenager with autism

Our Living’N’Learning program will help young adults and adults diagnosed with ASD learn new and meaningful skills that encourage independence.

Through our unique programming, we help our participants to create greater connections to the people and the world around them. Our program will place an emphasis on developing daily life and social skills, while working on various aspects of vocational and job readiness training.

Learning Benefit:

Vocational skills covered include knowledge and use of money, customer service, and basic food preparation skills

Social skills covered include initiating and maintaining conversation, emotion regulation, and interacting with colleagues and other peers successfully

Daily living skills covered include hygiene, self-grooming, and cleaning

Applicants must meet intake criteria in order to participate in this program

9:00 am – 3:00 pm
10 Weeks per block
Block 1: September – November (10 weeks)
Block 2: January – March (10 weeks)
Block 3: April- June (10 weeks)
Ratio 1 therapist:2 students


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