Midterm Evaluation = Party Time!

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Students from SAAAC Pre-Employment Program Throw Party for Midterm Evaluation

A few months ago at SAAAC, we began our pre-employment skills program helping young adults prepare for the working world. Our program encouraged students to choose from one of three different industries (food preparation, design & decor, and office administration) and to develop job ready skills associated with those industries.

After weeks of working on various job prep skills and activities, we decided to have a midterm evaluation…with a party! Students from the various employment groups were asked to organize a party using the skills they learned over the course of four weeks.

Culinary Skills & Food Preparation

Hygiene, sanitation and kitchen safety were the building blocks of the Culinary Skills & Food Preparation Program. Using these lessons as guiding concepts, students learned how to make simple appetizers, which included mini grilled-cheese sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, mini brownies, and jello cups.In addition to preparing the meals, students were also taught how plate and present dishes to party attendees.

Design & Decor

Napkin folding, centrepiece assembly, chair setting – these were some of the activities students from the design & decor team worked on to make our party possible. Students were encouraged to communicate and work together through the assembly of a backdrop and the creation of party favours.

 Office Administration

Office administration and partying…two things that don’t quite seem to gel, bu students from our administration group were essential in bringing our party to life. Students were taught to greet and register all party attendees. They were also tasked with printing name, table and thank you cards. These activities encouraged students to use skills such as data entry, printing, photocopying, and stapling.

Party Time

Who know midterm evaluations could be so fun. The food amazing and the service was exceptional. The midterm evaluation party was instrumental in not only giving our students an opportunity to exercise their learned skills in a real world setting, but it also provided an environment where students could gain valuable communication and social skills.  Through greeting attendees and even taking part in a fun game of musical chairs, students were able to build relationships  and become more at ease in environments with large groups of people. Ultimately, for our students this party was a great opportunity to learn, grow, and continue to develop skills that will serve them in their future careers.

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