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So, you’ve registered for Bhar-A-thon and got your pledge forms in hand…now what?  Well, we would like to present you with some tips on how to raise the most money possible and have fun while doing so! Remember, asking people to sponsor you for Bhar-A-thon isn’t just about raising money, it’s also a great opportunity to inform people about autism and the services SAAAC provides to help those impacted by autism.

Without further ado here are some great fundraising tips:

1. There is no place like home

Your fundraising love will most likely start at home. Tell your mom and dad about the event and what you’re raising money for; maybe the big sister and brother might be feeling generous; and you can never go wrong with grandma for a few dollars. Families are very supportive of worthwhile causes, so remember to tell them what you are fundraising for and how that money will be helpful to others. We are positive you can scrounge up some loose change this way!

2. Mind your businesses

Local businesses are always looking to support great causes. Walk over to your neighborhood bakery or your favourite shawarma place and ask if they would like to support you. Remember, donations over $20 are eligible for tax receipts, so let business owners know that there are tax incentives for their donations.

3. Depend on your friend

Remember the time you lent your friend your iPod and they deleted your playlists or the time you introduced your friend to the love of their lives…well it’s their  time to pay up! Friends are a great way to fundraise: they can donate and help you spread the word about what you are doing.

4. Mini Events

Why not throw a movie night at your place or maybe even a summer bbq? Ask friends and family members to donate whatever they can when they arrive at your mini event. It’s a great way to come together and enjoy the summer while raising money for a great cause.

5. Info! Info! Info!

People are more willing to give to a cause when they clearly know the purpose of it. Look to direct any potential donors to our SAAAC webpage and Bhar-A-thon event page by emailing them or calling them prior to asking for donations. Help them to understand what autism is, where their money will go, and how individuals with autism will benefit.  The more people know, the more comfortable they will be to support your endeavour, so remember to keep potential donors informed.

By participating in Bhar-A-thon and raising resources for our centre, you are doing your part to raise awareness and making meaningful change in lives of others, so THANK YOU!