Mission/Vision & Goals


SAAAC was created with the intention of inspiring families in need of access to autism services, with a special focus on culturally and linguistically diverse families who often do not benefit from resource awareness or engagement . Our organization looks to create positive change through:

  • Encouraging lifelong development of the children, youth, and adults we serve through diverse therapies and programs
  • Empowering parents through education, training, and peer support networks
  • Engaging newcomer communities through meaningful volunteer experiences and fostering greater understanding and acceptance of ASD
  • Providing access for all through community engagement and knowledge sharing

Vision Statement

Defeat Ignorance, Embrace Difference, Conquer Stigmas.

The above adage is SAAAC’s guiding principle. It looks to inform all of our initiatives in order to affect change at both the individual and community level:

Our organization encourages the continued development of individuals with ASD. Through unique services, initiatives, and therapies we want our participants to realize their full potential and place them on a path towards independence.

SAAAC also looks to eliminate the culture of enclosure that pervades newcomer communities when it comes to issues regarding ASD and special needs. We want to be instrumental in the development of a vibrant, open, and inclusive community that is composed of families, caregivers, and community members who are well equipped to handle the opportunities and challenges presented by ASD.