In this talk, Dr. Catherine Yu, Munira Khilji, and Safeera Mulla welcome audiences to Thorncliffe Park. The neighborhood is known for its diverse immigrant population, high birth rate, and health care needs. Their presentation highlights the journey of establishing a school-based clinic to address the unique barriers to care in the area.

About Speakers

Dr. Catherine Yu is a family physician at Health Access Thorncliffe Park (HATP) and Michael Garron Hospital. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Munira Khilji is a trained healthcare professional and is a parent advocate for better supports and services for families of children with autism. Currently, Munira coordinates a school-based paediatric clinic for Health Access Thorncliffe Park.

Safeera Mulla leads the Thorncliffe Collaborative for Muslim Families. She has been advocating for culturally responsive care in the neighbourhood of Thorncliffe Park especially for families of children with autism.