This past summer, the Tamil Church of the Living Saviour made an incredibly generous donation towards SAAAC’s adult programming. The group donated $153,000 to support young adults on the autism spectrum gain important daily living and employment readiness skills – all of which will lead to a life of greater dignity and independence.

TCLS’s donation was SAAAC largest private donation the Centre has ever received. The gift was made to affect change in the dire outcomes young adults with autism face when they leave highschool.

“These children have an unfair fight when they leave highschool,” says Lakshmi Solomons, Manger of Client Services at SAAAC. “We see high unemployment rates, high rates of depression and anxiety, and that all translates into families in crisis. This gift by TCLS is an incredible investment in future of our children.”

Funding from Tamil Church of Living Saviour will be directed primarily to training and employing young adults on the autism spectrum, specifically through the Goodness Gift social enterprise.