For SAAAC’s 15th anniversary, we’re launching a podcast! ‘Building Tomorrow Together’ celebrates the individuals who have shaped the SAAAC Autism Centre. Our founder and Executive Director, Geetha Moorthy, aims to honor those who have supported and inspired SAAAC. In this series, visionaries who have contributed to our journey share their insights and stories about creating a more inclusive world. Tune in to hear from autism service innovators. It’s our way of expressing gratitude and encouraging others to help build a better future.

Episode 1: Innovating Accessible Healthcare with Dr. Shivajan Sivapalan

Join us as we explore community medicine with Dr. Shivajan Sivapalan, a family physician dedicated to increasing access to developmental health services for underserved communities. Dr. Sivapalan’s pioneering methods have established innovative programs that improve diagnostic services and support caregivers’ mental health needs—often overlooked. Learn how his passion, expertise, and community-driven approach are transforming healthcare access.

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