Building for the Future: Housing Opportunities at Lawson


Access to housing has become a critical issue across Canada. People with disabilities in Toronto experience this issue every day, as high rents and a tight market push the cost of housing further and further beyond ODSP cheques and other assistance. Community Living Toronto is capitalizing on a cherished asset to make a lasting contribution to the housing crisis in our city. In this session, Brad Saunders (Chief Executive Officer) and James Janeiro (Director of Community Engagement and Policy) will share the opportunity presented at the Lawson site in Scarborough, where hundreds of new affordable housing units will be built. Many of these new units will be targeted to people with disabilities and their communities. Come learn about the project, the process, and how your organization can be part of this city-building opportunity.

About Speakers

Brad Saunders was appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer on November 16, 2015, and was Community Living Toronto’s Regional Executive Director of the Etobicoke and North York regions for the past 4 years. Prior to joining Community Living Toronto, Brad was Executive Director of the Bob Rumball Associations for the Deaf, and was a Program Supervisor with the Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth Services and Community & Social Services. Brad is currently serving as the Chair of the Urgent Response Committee, MCSS/DSTO and is on the Board of Halton Children’s Aid Society and JOIN-Ontario Job Opportunity Information Network.

James Janeiro joined Community Living Toronto as Director of Community Engagement and Policy in September 2018. Prior to joining CLTO, James served Premier Kathleen Wynne as her social policy advisor for four years. He advised two previous Ministers of Community and Social Services, and has been active in politics for over 15 years. James is also involved in a variety of community organizations, including the University of Toronto Soldiers’ Tower War Memorial and the Basic Income Canada Network.

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