Autism spectrum disorder (also called ASD) refers to a specific set of behavioural and developmental issues affecting a child’s communication, social and play skills.


Boys are 4 times more
likely to receive an ASD
diagnosis than girls.




1 in 66 Canadians are
diagnosed with autism.



The average lifetime health
cost for an someone with
ASD is almost $3 million.

With appropriate supports, children with autism can develop the skills to be more independent and can lead healthy, productive lives.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects how the brain grows, develops, and processes information. ASD is categorized as a neurodevelopmental disorder that impacts language, communication skills, and social interactions combined with restricted and repetitive behaviours, interests or activities. ASD is a complex life-long condition that impacts not only the person with ASD, but their families, caregivers and communities.

ASD is referred to as a “spectrum” disorder because an individuals strengths and challenges can fall anywhere along a spectrum.  Individuals can require little to no external support, or may need extreme support.

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