Monthly Giving Program


The programs and services offered by SAAAC are made possible by the generosity of community minded individuals and businesses. The initiatives created and implemented by our organization directly benefit a large family base, and in order to continue our level of service and care we need your support.

Your Donation Directly Helps…

  • Fund therapies crucial to the development of individuals with autism
  • Organize seminars and workshops that look to educate parents and caregivers on autism
  • Run social service programs that aim to assist parents/caregivers
  • Create awareness material that educates South Asian communities worldwide on autism
  • Purchase supplies for SAAAC’s music, art, and ABA programs

Our programs and services look to enrich the lives of many. We seek to instill valuable skills and information that all our participants and their families can utilize throughout their lifetimes. SAAAC’s goal to enrich lives and raise awareness around ASD is an enriching and worthwhile cause. With your support, SAAAC can grow and continue to help participants reach their true potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Types of Donation

One Time Donation
If you want to immediately support SAAAC’s efforts, please choose our one time donation option.

Seeds is SAAAC’s monthly donation program. It is a convenient method of contribution where you can donate manageable monthly amounts and help sustain our efforts through consistent and reliable support. Please click on “learn more” to get additional information on Seeds.

In Kind Donation
If you like to donate supplies or services towards a specific program or project, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Monthly Giving Program