Young children on the autism spectrum who receive early support can make substantial gains in functioning – not all children have this opportunity

By the time her twin boys were three years old, Jennifer was concerned. Jennifer and her husband, both of who had recently immigrated from the Philippines, noticed that their boys were not making any eye contact with those around them; not speaking, not responding to their names. They also frequently walked on their toes. They were not acting like other boys their age.  Jennifer knew there was something wrong. She was directed to the Mobile Developmental Outreach Clinic (M-DOC) through a community agency she visited frequently for caregiver programming.

The M-DOC project was launched by the SAAAC Autism Centre to help newcomer families address developmental health concerns of their loved ones. Through the M-DOC, families receive developmental assessments and culturally respectful support services for families challenged by multiple barriers to accessing care.

Through the M-DOC, Jennifer and her husband learned about developmental milestones and received a free developmental screening for both their children. When developmental red flags were observed, the M-DOC team helped Jennifer and her family find a developmental specialist and receive a formal diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The M-DOC team then helped the family access critical early services like ABA and parent support programs.  

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