Volunteer with the Learn to Play Program

Posted on: September 24th, 2015 by SAAAC No Comments

If you’re an athlete, coach, or a plain sports lover, SAAAC has a great volunteering opportunity for you.

SAAAC, in partnership with RBC, will run an eight-month sports program to help children and youth (ages 6-12) develop a variety of skills through sports.

We are looking for committed individuals who will take part in our program as coaches, mentoring students to live more active lifestyles and encouraging them to grow through play.

Here are some perks from volunteering in our Learn to Play Program:

-All volunteers will be trained in Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) delivered by the National Coaching Certification Program

-Great opportunity to network with health professionals in the field of autism

-Reference letter will be provided upon completion of volunteering term

-You will be helping change a life of a child/youth with autism

Information about the  Learn to Play Program:

-This program is funded by the RBC Learn to Play Project

-We will be working with students to learn eight different sports throughout the year

-The program focuses on the development of fundamental movement skills, improving physical literacy, and exposing students to a range of sports opportunities

If you’re interested please email us at