Take a Step. Give A Chance

Posted on: July 23rd, 2019 by SAAAC No Comments

What does it mean to walk?

What does it mean to give a chance?

What does it mean to have a chance?

What does it all mean?

The SAAAC Autism Centre is committed in providing support to families and children living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Having the appropriate autism services is crucial for the development of each child/family that walks through the doors of our centre. Autism Services average up to $80 000 annually, and for the families we serve, these numbers are extremely steep.

The Chance Fund allows SAAAC to support these families as they learn to navigate the complex autism system. We hope to support these families by providing them with affordable and accessible services that are vital for the development of their children.

Imagine being a single mom with two children, and not having the time to attend full-time work because you must find the appropriate support and resources for your child with autism.

Imagine being a parent with two children on the spectrum, not knowing the language, nor understanding the supports available for their children.

Imagine immigrating from another country, escaping violence and trauma, but coming to learn that your child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and you do not know where to start to find the appropriate help.

Every child needs and deserves the chance to prove to the world they are capable; that they too can contribute to their communities and can lead rich and meaningful lives.

In response to this need, SAAAC has been committed to raising funds through our annual Walk-A-Thon. 

This year, the Centre is looking to attract 500+ walkers and raise $250,000+ to help our children and youth access vital ASD therapies.

ASD treatment can be very expensive for parents. In Ontario, intensive ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) therapy can cost up to $80,000 a year. In addition, the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists has a recommended rate of $190 per hour for Speech-Language Therapy.

For many of our families, these costs are just too much. 

With your support, the SAAAC Autism Centre can subsidize the costs of these programs, making it more affordable and accessible to families in need of urgent support.

Join us on August 11th 2019, as we take a step towards building the future of the children and families that we serve at the SAAAC Autism Centre.

Take a Step. Give a Chance.

Walk With SAAAC.