Srinivas and Jessica Judes Collaborate on Song for Autism Awareness

Posted on: November 5th, 2015 by SAAAC 1 Comment

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Multi-award winning singer and composer Srinivas and the standout talent on Airtel Super Singer, Jessica Judes, have collaborated on a brand new song that promotes autism awareness and encourages communities to help individuals with autism achieve their potential. Titled “Vanna Vennila” (Colourful Moon), the touching song was  recorded over a matter of days with teams in Chennai, Mumbai, and Toronto. Celebrated  instrumentalists like pianist  Stephen Devassy and  international violin sensation Karthick Iyer also contributed to bringing this project to life. Download this wonderful track today for free and do your part to support individuals with autism.



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2. When the Save As dialog box opens specify the location on your computer where you want to save the file, and click the Save button.

Monthly Giving

The motivation behind the project was to let people know that autism isn’t an endpoint. Having autism doesn’t restrict a person from living a long and productive life. Having autism calls for a more caring, patient, and accommodating community. The heart of Vanna Vennila is that a generous community is key to guiding individuals with autism to more rich and meaningful lives.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to the following individuals for making this project possible. These individuals created something incredibly beautiful and are responsible for raising autism awareness in communities where autism is largely shrouded in misinformation and stigma. The SAAAC family is grateful for the talent and hard work of the following individuals:

Song Composed By: Pravin Mani and Srinivas
Music: Pravin Mani
Video: Pras Lingam
Lyrics: Kavivarman
Violin: Karthick Iyer
Piano: Stephen Devassy

Child Vocals: Aathitiya Balakrishnan
Backing Vocals: Vaishali Sriprathap

Steadicam Operator: Srikanth
Vocal Supervision Engineer: Lijesh

Producer: Kishan Nithy of Arya Canada Inc


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