Everyone Deserves to Play: Sports and Fitness for Children with Autism

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On Sunday, November 15, 24 teams will participate in SAAAC’s 2nd annual Spike-4-SAAAC Volleyball  tournament. The event is a charity fundraiser to help SAAAC develop a multi-sport program supported by RBC Learn to Play Project. The program looks to encourage children (ages 6-12) living with autism develop movement and social skills  while being exposed to a variety of sporting opportunities.

“It’s very easy for our kids to be left out when it comes to sports and play,” says Geetha Moorthy, Executive Director of SAAAC,  when speaking of the isolation many children with autism face. “People think they are not capable of physically or intellectually participating in sports, but they can if we take the time to teach them with care.”

SAAAC’s Learn to Play Program is an eight-month initiative that focuses on a new sport every month. Sports will include basketball, bowling, soccer, and more.  Volunteers will be trained by the National Coaching Certification Program and will help children with autism develop fundamental movement skills. The program looks to build these basic movement skills and then move on to develop sport-specific and complex movement skills that allow participants to enjoy sport and physical activity.

fundamental movement skills children with autism will learn

How Sports Can Help Kids with Autism

-Combat childhood obesity

-Studies have shown that exercise can decrease the frequency of negative, self-stimulating behaviors that are common among individuals with autism – body rocking, spinning, head-nodding, hand flapping – behaviours that interfere with positive behaviour and learning (source: 10 Rosenthal-Malek & Mitchell, 1997)

-Opportunity to develop social skills and relationships among teammates and  coaches

-Develop lifelong movement skills that will help individuals participate and enjoy sports and physical activity

We Need Your Support

To continue to develop and sustain SAAAC’s multi-sport program, we need community sport. The most immediate action community members can take is gathering up a group of friends and join 23 other teams at SAAAC’s Spike-4-Autism Volleyball Tournament. With your help and support, we can provide opportunities for all children to participate in play and a healthy lifestyle.  Register your team today at
Checkout highlights from last year’s Spike-4-SAAAC Event: