SAAAC Paints – Wrapping Up Our Pilot Painting Program

Posted on: April 30th, 2015 by SAAAC No Comments

Collage of all students in painting program

8  weeks ago, we began a pilot painting program with 4 students, a few volunteers, and a talented instructor that would help students express themselves through painting.  Led by Amir Akbari from Behind the Line, the painting program focused on helping students learn basic principles of painting and producing original artwork.  Students were  introduced to skills such as blending colours, brush work and technique, and gradient selection.

Our  term was centered around two major projects: creating landscapes and abstract art. It has been absolutely incredible to see our students jump right into the lessons and produce such wonderful, original works of art. On Wednesday, April 28 with the completion of the program, we appreciated all the hard work and creativity our students put into the program and into their work.

This program has really inspired both students and families at SAAAC. We want to keep this program going and reach more young people living with ASD, so they can connect with the world through art.  You can make this possible by donating today.

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