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It has been a long time coming: a creative, comprehensive website that outlined the purpose of the South Asian Autism Awareness Centre that gave a greater understanding of Autism.   Designed by Prasanna Kugananthan, endearingly called Pras around these parts, the new look was a vital contribution to SAAAC as it presented a greater ability to spread vital information about Autism to those looking for answers. “I was honoured to take on the mantle of redesigning the SAAAC website” said Pras, with his usual humble demeanor. “It is a great organization doing wonderful things. I must say I have a soft spot for children in need; in this case children affected with Autism. It was my wish to donate this site redesign for such a good cause”. When asked what inspired him for his design, Pras replied, “I wanted to design a site that reflected youth, energy, and playfulness while also maintaining its informative goals.” 

Specifically his inspiration came from SAAAC’s old logo, “I’d like to think I just refined that logo to seem more modern and relevant. The site takes its cues from this new logo: it’s colourful, playful and doesn’t have corporate overtones.” Pras’ eye for detail and design enabled the new SAAAC website to become relevant and inviting all the while keeping in mind the overall goal– engaging those looking for information regarding Autism and our organization. Pras says, “The site is geared to transmit as much information as possible about Autism and the organization. From the main page slider, to the oversized buttons, to the call out in red pointing to the fabulous FAQ’s section, everything was designed to engage the visitor.”

SAAAC is and will always be a testament to the powers of contribution and collaboration. It is through the act of giving and sharing that has allowed our organization to make such meaningful strides in the community with regards to providing support for Autism. Pras serves as an exemplar to the power of contribution and collaboration. His creativity, hard work, and dedication resulted in a seminal work that will not only serve a local community, but that will also be a meeting point for South Asian families from across Canada and the globe to learn, discuss, and discover about Autism.

A note from Pras

To those families/caregivers impacted by autism, I hope this website will be a helpful resource that will give them the information they seek and avenues to take action. There is so much to learn and there are great people to guide them in their journey. In particular, I’m hoping that those in the South Asian community impacted by autism will recognize the prevalence of the disability in our community and have the courage to seek guidance.





  • Esa Para Esananda

    Hello SAAC,

    Congratulations for coming up with one of the finest websites!

    Pras, You have done a marvellous job and certainly it is one of a kind.
    It’s people like you who make a difference in this world!
    Keep up the good work!
    Esa Para Esananda