Resource Roundup

During these difficult and uncertain times, the autism community has come together to develop valuable resources that caregivers can use at home. Below are just some of the resources we have found useful for our staff and families:

A new online toolkit from an interdisciplinary team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will help families and caregivers supporting individuals with autism during the COVID-19 epidemic. CLICK HERE

Kerry’s Place has some great resources targeted helping your children understand COVID-19. CLICK HERE

Autism Ontario will offer a four-part webinar series discusses strategies and tips to support wellness, stress management, and personal development REGISTER HERE 

Vanderbilt Kennedy Centre are offering a series of web-based educational opportunities for caregivers of young children with autism. These will include information on topics such as how to schedule your day at home during this time, how to structure specific activities within your day, and how to continue to work on goal areas while services may be paused. REGISTER HERE

Check out Autism Ontario’s extensive and diverse catalogue of resources that can help your family get through COVID- 19: CLICK HERE

Mount Sinai has a list of activities to target social skills and keep your loved ones engaged during the break: CLICK HERE

5 tips for parents with children on the autism spectrum during COVID-19 pandemic: CLICK HERE

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