Re-Opening Our Centre

We are very excited to announce that the SAAAC Autism Centre has re-opened our doors with new limits on centre-based programming and services.

The Executive Director, Board of Directors, and Senior Management are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our families and employees. We are taking every reasonable precaution to prevent the risk of communicable diseases.

We are doing our very best to accommodate families with this transition back to the Centre through the provision of limited attendance, modified hours, and enhanced health and safety protocols that will mitigate the risks associated with contracting the COVID-19 virus.

The SAAAC Autism Centre will continue to be responsive to our families and employees as it works to maintain healthy and safe conditions for everyone using our space.

Please see below for our Health and Safety Protocols for greater details about the measures we are taking to protect and support our members.

We look forward to supporting all of our families, and we thank the community for their patience and support during these challenging times.

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