Music, Dance & Art

Music and Dance carry with them the unique qualities of being nonverbal, creative, and emotionally appealing. Such qualities can be used as viable teaching instruments to facilitate social interaction, self-expression, communication, and self-development. The goals of the music and dance programs offered by SAAAC are the following:

  • attempt to increase verbal and physical activity through song and dance
  • create an environment for meaningful social interaction between students
  • develop rhythm and coordination
  • allow for students to freely express themselves creatively

Our Music and Dance program looks to offer an outlet for our participants to be creative, imaginative, and self expressive.

SAAAC’s Art Program is utilized as both a therapeutic tool and creative outlet. Activities range from painting, drawing, and sculpting. There are also group centered art activities that look to create art works for special holidays and occasions. The program is initiated by students from the community who specialize in art studies in college and university programs.