SAAAC uses a culturally sensitive approach to supporting families with ASD by offering services and raising awareness.

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Parent's Corner

  • September

    Introduction to Prompting

    Like all of us, individuals with autism need instruction to learn a new skill. A prompt is a simple instruction or cue that is used to increase the likelihood of a correct response. Prompting can come in many different forms from verbal to physical prompts. Individuals with autism vary in their ability to pick up Read More…

  • May

    Visual Schedules

    Most people prefer their environments to be stable and consistent along with their daily activities to be routine and predictable. Though, we know that change is inevitable and we have the tools and skills to accommodate such changes in our lives. For most individuals with ASD, unexpected changes in routines and environments can be extremely Read More…

  • May

    The Power of Play

    Playing is not only fun, but it allows kids to engage with the world around them and build important communication and social skills. Watch the following video to get some great ideas on how you can use play as a teaching tool:

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