SAAAC uses a culturally sensitive approach to supporting families with ASD by offering services and raising awareness.

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Parent's Corner

  • June

    Because I am a Man

    By: Neshanth Shanmugalingam, Director Mental Health Services, SAAAC Because I am a man, I cannot show any weakness. Because I am a man, I cannot ask others for help. Because I am a man, I cannot cry. Because I am a man, I cannot talk about my feelings. My name is Neshanth Shanmugalingam, and I Read More…

  • October

    Take Sensory Storytelling Program Home

    The Storytelling Project at SAAAC is thrilled to announce the launch of a sensory storytelling guide dedicated to parents, caregivers, educators and sensory storytelling enthusiasts. Typically, we rely on verbal communication to tell stories to children. This way of telling stories however may not be accessible to everyone, and stories after all should be for Read More…

  • September

    Resource Recommendation: The Parents Guide to Autism

    Do you know someone with autism? As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you may be unsure of what to do next. In The Parents Guide to Autism, author Anne Carol Sharples addresses important questions and concerns parents have and uses real life examples to demonstrate them. She teaches you ways to Read More…

  • June

    Quick Tips: Getting My Child to Sit at the Table

    How do I get my son to stay at the table for an extended period of time? I find if he were to stay at the table longer he can enjoy family meals and get more out of school/therapy activities. Any strategies? This is a question we frequently get from parents. First off, eating and Read More…

  • November

    Challenging Behaviour Series: Escape Behaviour

    As published on masalamommas In the autism field, when we refer to “behaviours,” we refer to actions and skills. It is important to understand that behaviours are a form of communication. They have a function, and each behaviour, no matter how mild or extreme, are always trying to tell us something. The purpose of our Read More…

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