Parent's Corner

Introduction to Prompting

Posted on: September 27th, 2013 by saaac-master No Comments

Like all of us, individuals with autism need instruction to learn a new skill. A prompt is a simple instruction or cue that is used to increase the likelihood of a correct response. Prompting can come in many different forms from verbal to physical prompts. Individuals with autism vary in their ability to pick up a new skill, so some students may learn a new skill quickly with minimal prompts, while others may require more frequent and systematic prompting.

Prompts range in how intrusive they maybe. For example  if you are physically assisting your student complete certain tasks, this is considered an intrusive prompt; if you are verbally prompting your student to complete a task this is considered a less intrusive prompt. The goal to developing a skill is to fade prompts, going for most intrusive prompting to least.  Below is an introductory training video to get you more accustomed to what prompting is, the variety of prompts, and how you can use them.