High 5 For Autism on April 2

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Monthly Giving

High fives are used to encourage many big and small accomplishments. At SAAAC, we use high fives to bridge social interaction with our children and young adults who find verbal communication difficult.
On World Autism Awareness Day (April 2),  support SAAAC by giving us a high five and donating $5 towards keeping important autism services and programs free and accessible to families in need.

Where Does Your $5 Go?

SAAAC takes pride in helping families that may not have the opportunities and advantages to find important autism services else where. With your donation, you will help keep the following services free and accessible to many families.

 Skills Development Program

skills development

In order to help as many families as possible in a cost effective manner, SAAAC employs a community based model that connects autism and health professionals with passionate members of the community. Through training and supervision, volunteers are able to work one-on-one with children/young adults with autism to help develop vital communication, social skills, and other valuable life skills.  Your $5 will help fund these important activities:

  • Fund three Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapists to supervise volunteers and provide appropriate guidance and supervision
  • Train volunteers in basic behaviour management and crisis prevention training

family empowerment program

high 5 parent

Parents and caregivers are in the best position to shape their child’s behaviour along with vital life and social skills. At SAAAC, we want to help families receive appropriate tools and information to help their loved ones achieve their true potential. Your $5 will help fund these important activities:

  • Workshops on various topics about autism (nutrition, sexuality, the rights of parents/caregivers in schools, communication training, etc.)
  • Parent support group discussions facilitated by trained counselor
  • Provide funding application support  (in 2014, SAAAC helped families receive $30,000 in funding, which was used by families to find treatment services for their loved ones)
  • Translate important medical and educational documents to help families understand and engage with documentation

Visual Arts Program

visual arts

SAAAC’s Art Program is utilized as both a therapeutic tool and creative outlet. Activities range from painting, drawing, and sculpting. There are also group centered art activities that look to create art works for special holidays and occasions. Your $5 will help fund these important activities:

  • Purchase art materials such as paint, brushes, paper, drawing supplies & teaching material
  • Fund program instructor costs

Music Program


Music and Dance carry with them the unique qualities of being nonverbal, creative, and emotionally appealing. Such qualities can be used as viable teaching instruments to facilitate social interaction, self-expression, communication, and self-development. Your $5 will help fund these important activities:

  • Purchase musical instruments such as maracas, hand drums, cymbals, etc.
  • Fund program instructor

Monthly Giving

thank you sponsors high 5

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