Gala 2012

Posted on: February 13th, 2012 by saaac-master 2 Comments

Our first fundraising event of the year will be SAAAC’s Radiant Night 2012: Gala Dinner Dance, held at the Scarborough Convention Centre on March 3, 2012.

We look to thoughtful and community minded individuals such as yourself to help our organization spark hope and create positive change for South Asian families impacted by ASD. Aside from the invaluable support your sponsorship would provide the children and families we serve, there are also a number of advantages for you to take part in this sponsorship opportunity:

Exposure of your brand/product/service to the 1000+ expected guests attending

  • Radiant Night 2011 attendance: over 750
  • Multimedia Equipment at event: 10 projection screens, state of the art 5.1 Surround Sound

Access to an underserved South Asian demographic
(largest visible minority in the GTA)

  • Over 800,000 South Asians in Ontario; majority residing in the GTA
  • Excellent marketing & networking opportunity

Public/Media recognition as a community minded-business

  • Age of corporate responsibility
  • Socially responsible companies are being favored more and more

Your support can make the difference our community needs for a better tomorrow.

  • Prasanna Kugananthan

    Was an outstanding event! No one but the dedicated individuals at SAAAC could have pulled off an event of this calibre. Cheers!

  • Ronnie and Lakshmi

    Great to witness a single large South Asian community and friends gathering in support of the Autism Awareness and fundraising event held on March 3. My, hats off to the co founder Geetha Moorthy and the SAAAC Board members and the volunteers for their contribution in managing a such a large gathering over 1250 guests.
    The event covered all aspects of the Autism awareness, key note speakers, and dinner/dance which was fearlessly executed within time frame and without out any delays between the events.
    Key note speaker Kannan who has a teenaged autistic daughter brought awareness of the parents struggle.  Also, a great vote of thanks by Brian.
    MC’s did a marvelous job.
    Last but not least a Special thanks to Mano Thillinathan (Manager Scotia bank) who was instrument in getting the main sponsorship package for this event and also thanks to his wife Nalini for her generous support.  
    Vince Sinnadurai, you did it again and thanks again for your generous support.
    God bless you all and hope that all the kids who are currently receiving services with SAAAC will continue to get the support and also the kids on wait list will get the opportunity as well.
    Together we can make a difference!