Foundation for Success – Registration Open

Every child is unique and constantly learning. They can become resilient, capable, confident and curious.

The Foundation for Success Program will help young children learn in a supportive and therapeutic learning environment based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).Our programming is enhanced with the involvement of a multidisciplinary team including a Speech-Language Therapist, Occupation Therapist Assistants, and Instructor Therapists.

The Foundation for Success Program will help children prepare for the following:

  • coping with sensory challenges (visual or auditory stimuli, smells, proximity to others, clothing, etc.)
  • using acceptable communication skills
  • building social skills to help them be part of a group
  • developing motor skills
  • developing self-care skills
  • observing and/or participating in experiences and activities
    to build conceptual and academic learning

Program Details:

Mon-FriPart-time 19 AM – 12 PM$800
Mon-FriPart-time 21 PM -4 PM$800
Mon-FriFull-time9 AM – 4 PM$1,400

Program Contact:

For more information, please contact Neshanth Shanmugalingam, Director of Programs & Services, at (647) 614-0384

Program Registration:

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