What is SAAAC?

SAAAC (South Asian Autism Awareness Centre) was created with the intention of inspiring families impacted by ASD with a special focus on the cultural elements in the South Asian community that pose particular challenges.

Do I need to be of South Asian descent to gain access to SAAAC programs and services?

No you do not. Our organization serves members of all communities. We place a particular interest on South Asian families because of certain cultural elements within the South Asian community that prevent access to meaningful and comprehensive information and treatments.

What challenges do members of the South Asian community face?

Broadly stated, there are a number of challenges those members of the South Asian impacted by ASD face:

  • Lack the necessary English language skills to communicate effectively with healthcare and educational professionals
  • The South Asian community in Ontario lacks an ongoing, open dialogue regarding ASD. This leaves members of the community who are impacted ASD unable to turn to community institutions and members for support.
  • Culturally specific stigmas and misinformation surrounding ASD forces many families to remain silent and not seek out the necessary treatments and interventions.

How are you funded?

SAAAC is largely funded through private donations from dedicated and generous community members. The bulk of our resources are raised through various fundraising events held throughout the year.

How do you assist families and caregivers impacted by ASD?

Our organization provides supplementary therapies for individuals with ASD.  We have a number of programs that look to engage and help develop the skill sets of our participants. SAAAC also looks to engage families through group discussions, periodic workshops about ASD-related topics and concerns, and advocate for families at various institutions where language may be a barrier.

What ages do you serve?

SAAAC is open to individuals of all ages

How do I access your services?

Call our Intake Coordinator at _____________ to book a meeting.

Will my son/daughter be eligible for all programs?

Due to budget constraints, not everyone can be admitted to all the programs we provide. After an initial assessment, the intake coordinator and program director will determine what programs your loved one will be eligible for.

Do I have to pay for your services?

SAAAC provides free and subsidized programming. Please call our offices for more information about our services at 416-289-0100

Do you have volunteering opportunities?

SAAAC is heavily dependent on talented volunteers. We eagerly welcome potential volunteers. Please contact our volunteer coordinator

How is information about my child and family kept?

Information you share with SAAAC is kept confidential. Our files are open to clients, of which you can receive copies. No information will be shared with outside parties without the written and verbal consent of our clients. The only SAAAC personnel that will have access to your file is the program director, intake coordinator, and our client support worker.

*Please be notified that SAAAC has a legal responsibility to report suspected cases or risk of child abuse to the appropriate authorities. We must also report our concerns that a child may pose a threat to him/herself or to others.