District School Board Education Panel

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The education panel members shared the ways in which they supported schools in learning how to promote reflection, honour community, and support authentic collaboration among staff, students, and parents when aspiring to meet the strengths and needs of all students on the autism spectrum. More specifically, they shared system, school level, and classroom practices that demonstrated genuine respect for students and their families. These practices included: holding high expectations for all learners from linguistic and culturally diverse backgrounds; engaging in deep listening to learn more about their values, beliefs and attitudes about education; and how best to include the strengths, home culture, and lived experiences into the learning environment of the classroom. Finally, the panel members communicated the on-going challenges and barriers they are confronting in meeting the needs of all students on the autism spectrum, and how they are continuing to learn from others on how to remove such barriers to inclusive and quality education for all students.


Panelists were representing Toronto District School Board; York Region District School Board; Halton Catholic District School Board

From TDSB Maria Antonia Aymerich and Randolph Sealy (Social Workers – ASD Teams)
From YRDSB Melissa Mccammon and Kim Ford (Special Education Consultants -ASD)
From HCDSB Dr. Brendan Browne (Superintendent of Education/Special Services)

  • John T

    This Brendan Browne is full of crap. He has no idea about what happens in an autistic classroom. In many situations, it is a CYW or SNA or even an EA who has the most exposure to a specific child. I have been present when he’s walked into a special needs classroom, counted the number of children, counted the number of adults and, without asking either the teacher or the principal about results has simply said, there are too many adults in here. This guy is typical of the technocrats in the system who view education as an industry and focus on the bottom line and not outcomes. Education in this province should not rely on empty suits like Brendan Browne.