ASD Focused Fitness: Making Physical Activity Accessible

We know keeping children and youth on the spectrum active can be a tall order.

There are challenges – sports activities maybe overwhelming given the complex rules, noise and crowds. Also, other recreational activities in the community may not be modified or developed in a way to be inclusive of children and youth living with ASD.

It’s no surprise then that studies show that obesity is higher among adolescents with autism compared to adolescents without these conditions (Maternal Child Health, 2014) or that over 70% of children with developmental disabilities are not playing team sports and over 60% were not able to be involved in community activities (GO4KIDDS Report, 2014).

But keeping kids on the spectrum active does not have to be difficult. Fitness experts like Eric Chessen of Autism Fitness encourages improvement in fundamental movements such as pushing, pulling, rotation, squatting/bending and locomotion. Fitness, unlike sports activities, can be simple to follow in its instructions and improves overall movement that can be used in various other aspects of life. 

As part of the SAAAC All-Star Fitness program, we have created short videos to help improve strength, stability and coordination. Check them out below.

If you would like more in-depth information about autism fitness programming visit our partners at Autism Fitness

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