Applications Open for Balasingham Foundation Scholarship
The Balasingham Foundation Scholarship was founded in 2009, by the Balasingham Family to recognize and celebrate flourishing community leaders. The Balasingham Family established the award in memory of their parents, Emelda & Fred Balasingham.

Every year, volunteers from the SAAAC Autism Centre are eligible to apply for the Balasingham Foundation Scholarship, which recognizes excellence in community service and leadership. In 2020, the SAAAC Autism Centre along with the Balasingham Family will award three deserving individuals with scholarships valued at $750 each.

Application Criteria
  • Active volunteer during Jan 2019-Dec 2019 with at least four months of service
  • Submit an 800-word essay covering the following points:
    • A short autobiography including information about school/work experience, community involvement, spare time activities, and what you hope to do in the future
    • Include a short summary describing your accomplishments, goals and notable experiences during SAAAC volunteering term
    • Describe how volunteering at SAAAC has impacted you
How to Apply & Deadline
  • Email essay to with Subject Line: Scholarship Essay
  • Deadline Application: Friday, Jan 31 by 11:59 PM

My parents were incredible people who believed in community helping community. They were heavily involved in community development projects and wanted their children to follow in their footsteps. From an early age, my parents instilled in all of their children the value of community; that supporting someone else, especially those in need, was a critical aspect of existence. With the Balasingham Foundation Scholarship, we wish to honour their memories and recognize the next generation of thoughtful leaders.

Geetha Moorthy, Executive Director of SAAAC Autism Centre

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