An Ode to the Community

Posted on: March 8th, 2012 by saaac-master No Comments

The old adage that “it takes a village to raise a child” reverberated throughout the halls of the Scarborough Convention Centre this past Saturday at SAAAC’s Radiant Night Gala. From volunteers that spent hours setting up centerpieces and a hall that bent over backwards to accommodate; to a community that came out in droves to express their support—the proverbial village took its stand together committing to help raise the 30+ children served by SAAAC.

Radiant Night 2012 was a night to remember: the joy of small victories, the hope that is tomorrow and the excitement of community celebration elegantly packaged into one event. There is no need to repeat the night’s agenda as it has already been done (View Article on Monsoon Journal) but the heartfelt gratitude SAAAC has towards a community that stands behind it cannot be repeated enough.

Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise” this is symbolic of SAAAC—a dance instructor/ accountant starting an organization that serves children with ASD; an organization with volunteers from backgrounds in Political Science and Medicine as well as English and Finance; families with different religions, cultures and worldviews all meeting together in a temple basement. This beautiful mess that is SAAAC was reflected eloquently at Radiant Night through the human collage of entrepreneurs, government representatives and a thousand plus members of the South Asian diaspora in attendance. It was a happy accident because no one needed to be there—yet they came and were delighted by the others they met who came with the same intention in mind. All of these sojourners on the road less traveled came with the simple intention of supporting a worthy cause and by doing so contributed in some small way to raising a child. And for this—the beautiful mess that is SAAAC is indebted to the beautiful chaos that is our community.

If there was a name for our proverbial village Serendipity would be it.