ADE PROGRAM: Helping Families Find Autism Support

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The proceeds from this year’s Radiant Night Charity Gala will go towards powering our innovative ADE Program. Learn how your contributions are being used to help individuals and families with autism.

What is ADE?

Assessment, Development, Empowerment (ADE) programming is a collection of services that are provided for free to families who experience challenges in accessing autism services and information. It is a one year program with the goal of helping families gain skills to self-manage autism.

Who does ADE support?

ADE programming supports families that experience various challenges in accessing autism support. These challenges can include being economically disadvantaged, difficulties communicating in English, being  a single-parent/single-guardian household,  newly arrived to Canada, etc. 

Many of the families who are candidates for SAAAC’s ADE Programming commonly have multiple challenges that prevent them from finding meaningful support systems, which ultimately hurts the development of their loved ones with autism and exerts an enormous amount of stress and demand on parents and caregivers.

individuals and families with autism being supported by community programs and volunteers

What is the goal of ADE?

There are two main goals of ADE:

  1. Encouraging the empowerment of children and youth we serve through diverse therapies and programs, and innovative case management
  2. Empowering parents through education, training, and peer support networks

At the end of our programming, families would gain the following:

  • An understanding of basic behaviour and communication strategies that can be used with their child in the home and public settings
  • Learning how to advocate constructively for their child in educational and health institutions
  • Knowing how to navigate the developmental health system (understanding treatments options, where to find services, etc.)
  • A strong support network composed of families and autism/health professionals

What are the services that makeup the ADE Program?

There are core services that make up our ADE Program:

These programs work together to provide children, youth, adults, and families with the tools and resources to navigate a life with autism.

How Much Support Do Participants in the ADE Program Receive?

All families in the ADE Program receive 48 sessions, which include the following:

  • 240 hours of programming for individuals with autism (5 hours/week)
  • 42 hours of parent workshop and support group discussions  (22 hours of educational workshop and 20 hours of support group discussions)
  • Full year of Case Management Support  (translation services, service navigation and coordination, funding support)

We believe the ADE program is an innovative approach to helping families who are struggling to find support. But we rely on amazing community support to function and flourish. Join us as we look to encourage and empower individuals and families living with autism.