Music Program

Music can provide a bridge towards growth, development, and healing. SAAAC’s music program offers a stimulating curriculum which promotes verbal and non-verbal communication through music related activities while promoting positive behavioral and social skills.

Below are a few things you can expect from our enjoyable lessons:

  • Promotion of Vocal Intonation through fun singing exercises and ear training
  • Development of Gross and Fine Motor skills though action-filled songs and use of props such as instruments, puppets, visual aids and personal contact with each other
  • Encouragment of students to showcase their unique characteristics and interpretational skills through improvising
  • Classes of great mix of genres – from Broadway Musicals to Pop selections

Music allows children to express themselves in a very personal and meaningful way, and we use music to help children connect with the world around them.

SAAAC’s Accessible Programming is aimed at connecting families in need of support with quality services. Our programs provide children, youth, parents and caregivers the tools and resources to meet the challenges posed by ASD. Our Accessible Programs are free of charge. Contact our office to see if you are eligible for our Accessible Programs.