A Call to Action: Re-Launching SAAAC’s LAMP Program

Posted on: February 8th, 2012 by saaac-master No Comments

From the moment parents hear the word “Autism”, they are thrown into a world of darkness.  As one mother described it, “You say goodbye to all the hopes and dreams that you ever had for your child and you enter a new world to fend for yourselves by yourself.  It’s that darkness that we as a family fear.  It is this darkness that we shy away from and it is this darkness that will consume us.”

These families are never given any answers—just more questions.  The sad truth is that there are no answers in Autism. Most families are left astray, held back by cultural stigmas, and at times abandoned by their own communities.  They are left to find answers on their own.

But these families are not alone – they no longer need to feel vulnerable and neglected.  SAAAC is their venue to find strength and solidarity.

SAAAC is one of the only organizations that provide a variety of high quality services, such as ABA, speech and music therapy for free.  With the average cost of therapy per child being $10,000, this can be a financial burden for majority of our families.  They are left with tough decisions each day.  They are forced to prioritize between daily needs versus treatments.  Is this fair?  Can we as a community allow this to continue?

As an organization, if one were to extrapolate the cost per child to 30 children, this number becomes staggering. Even more overwhelming is if we consider including the children on our waitlist.  As high as the costs may be, it does not deter us from the goal we all set out to do – to provide these services to those unable to afford them.

If you would like to Embrace Hope, Conquer Stigmas and Defeat Ignorance, join us.  Join SAAAC and let us be the beacon of hope and shed light on the darkness that surrounds so many families we know.   Through our LAMP program, we aim to raise the necessary funds to help families impacted by Autism. This support will be powered by community minded individuals and businesses. Yes, our goal is certainly an ambitious one, but it is this ambition that motivates us to push forward.  We as an organization believe that we can bring about a large change not only in the South Asian community but in the world of Autism as well.  Together we can provide an environment of Hope, Understanding, Growth and Support – or what we at SAAAC warmly term: HUGS – something that all these children and families need.