SAAAC uses a culturally sensitive approach to supporting families with ASD by offering services and raising awareness.

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  • July


    By: saaac-master

    So, you’ve registered for Bhar-A-thon and got your pledge forms in hand…now what?  Well, we would like to present you with some tips on how to raise the most money possible and have fun while doing so! Remember, asking people to sponsor you for Bhar-A-thon isn’t just about raising money, it’s also a great opportunity Read More…

  • June

    Dance, Dance Revolution: Developing Skills through Dance

    By: saaac-master

    Dancing for many of us is a moment of freedom: it offers us a chance to break away from the rigors of our daily schedules, and exercise  a  great deal of creativity and improvisation. Above all else, dancing is fun!  It is such qualities that make dance such a great tool to develop the social, Read More…

  • June

    The Sound of Music: Creating Connections Between Music and Autism

    By: saaac-master

    For many of us, the ability to communicate with one another isn’t something we stop to think about. We live in a time where the exchange of information, ideas, and feelings can be done with great ease and through diverse platforms. The value of communication becomes so much greater when working with individuals on the Read More…

  • May

    Great Getaways

    By: saaac-master

    Planning Your Family Vacation Many families eagerly look forward to their summer vacations. Whether it’s travelling to a foreign country, enjoying a cruise, or taking a simple road trip, family vacations are where memories are created and a family’s bonds are strengthened.  But, for families who have loved ones with autism, planning a vacation can be a difficult Read More…

  • April


    By: saaac-master

    There are a number of things that make SAAAC special:  Free therapies and social service programs Fostering meaningful relationships between volunteers and children/youth impacted by Autism Raising awareness of Autism in the larger South Asian community To continue with our efforts we need continued support. Our LAMP (Lifetime Annual Membership Plan) program is an opportunity for Read More…

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